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In every industry there are risks involved, but none so important as Weapon safety.

 "After 30 years of working with firearms in the film industry, I've learned one very important lesson: When handled responsibly, firearms are as safe as any other prop on a film set.

The difference is, firearms require the undivided attention of an experienced expert. There is zero tolerance for error. If actors make a mistake on set, they get another take. If the weapons handler makes a mistake, it could end a life" 

Dave Brown


The Danger Of Blank Guns

At TACT-FLIX , we provide specialized training for actors and stunt performers to ensure safe handling of blank weapons on set. Our courses are taught by experienced professionals and cover the proper techniques for firing blanks, as well as how to recognize potential hazards. Our courses also emphasize the importance of safety protocols, proper weapon handling, and emergency response. 

We firmly believe that safety should always be the number one priority on set, and our courses are designed to help ensure that. Our instructors will provide detailed instruction on the safe use of blank weapons, allowing performers to feel confident when filming with these weapons. 

We understand that firing blank weapons can be a complex and intimidating process, so our courses are designed to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. With our courses, performers can feel confident that they are in safe hands and can focus on their performance.

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